system for
shopping centers
Automatically collects and analyzes tenants sales and combines this information with customer behavior data
Retains customers, increases tenants’ revenue and shopping centers’ profit
Patented technology with confirmed international novelty
AI powered algorithms
Created by mall & asset managers
Boost tenants’ sales and increase the mall’s revenue
MallSense captures and analyses various data within a mall, focusing on the customer path to purchase from the mall entrance to the point of sale (POS) of tenants.
Sales Data Capture system
ensure accurate data at “profit share” rental rate
provide detailed hourly sales data up to each item in a bill to prevent problems with tenants, enhance tenant mix, estimate impact of  marketing events
Automatically uploads and processes data from tenants' POS machines to:
People counting system
Accurate customer’s tracking provides valuable footfall data that can be used to estimate customer distribution, identify problem areas, determine successful zones/floors, and measure the conversion of mall visitors to visitors of individual tenants.
Customer behavior analytics
Customers’ smartphone tracking to enrich footfall & sales data with understanding the footfall structure: loyal visitors, visit duration, enagement, cross-visits between tenants.
Avoid tenants underreporting sales data to manipulate "profit sharing" rental rates and decrease rental payments.
Mall revenue increase
Fraud control
Reduce the time spent on reporting and analysis, minimize the influence of human factors and personal opinions, and automate various processes based on data.
Operational efficiency
Maximizing the efficiency of marketing spends and achieving favourable outcomes with accurate measurements of marketing initiatives.
Make better decisions in various areas of tenant management, including tenant-mix and concept, fair conditions and negotiations, and proactive measures to prevent losses.
Tenant management
4 times
Reduce analysis time and associated cost
Marketing budget optimization
2 times
Less volume of discounts provided to tenants
+ 25% tenants’ sales increase
The usage of MallSense data-driven approach brings value in several fields
7,5 mln
GLA under management
shopping centers globally
tenants connected
sensors under monitoring
Trusted by industry leaders
Interested in automated data collection and
implementation of a data-driven decision-making process?